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Thoughts about retention

Some fantastic speakers after the first day at the Fundraising & Philanthropy Forum.

First up I wanted to share with you some thoughts from Martin Paul (from More Strategic) about retention.

Here's what he said:

1. Take retention seriously. Charities are obsessed with getting more donors and spend a fortune acquiring them. But what we spend on retention - keeping the relationship alive - is miniscule.

2. Acquisition is expensive and unpredictable... And the real measure of successful acquisition is how many donors you keep after 5 years.

Well, that blows away short-term thinking on ROI.

3. Donor engagement is ...

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7 donation page features that cry out “Yes, we love donors like you!”

Thank you to the charities that made it easy for me to donate online. Especially since I left it to the last day before June 30. Even though some of you did send me letters and emails throughout May and June asking for gifts.

Despite my best intentions to give earlier, I found myself scrambling on June 29 to actually donate. (I also wondered whether I’d get a tax invoice dated appropriately to claim my tax deduction in that financial year).

That being the case, I was really, really grateful when I found charity websites that:

  • Removed frustration and ...
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6 no-nos for online donation pages

In this post, I wanted to focus on charity online donation pages.

Right before the end of the financial year, I made online donations to 12 different charities. And with all the buzz about multichannel giving, digital donors and online engagement, I was surprised at how bad the online giving experience was in several cases.

While I won’t name and shame, I will outline some dos and don’ts when it comes to setting up your web donation pages.

After all, you probably spend a lot of effort getting prospective donors to come to your website to give. All those appeal ...

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Donors need simple asks – Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about the problem of how to frame a double-barrelled offer.

That is, what to do if you have to develop a promotion where you have to work two benefits into a single offer.

Here are three ways to deal with this issue.

1. Bundle the benefits

I see this done a lot.

It basically involves looking at the two benefits and seeing if there’s a way to link them together under a single title.

I don’t favour this because it often results in watering down the offer. ...

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Donors need simple asks – Part 1

I’m now working on a fundraising letter for a client that has a complicated offer. I’ve spent considerable time trying to whittle down the offer into something easy enough for donors to grasp when they scan the headline.

This problem often arises when your offer has multiple strong benefits. Note I say strong benefits that each could stand on their own as an offer.

For example, say your charity provides clean water wells to villages in developing countries. So the offer is something like:

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How agencies sabotage fundraisers – Part 3

Good for everyone… non-profit, fundraiser and agency

Yesterday, I talked about 10 things an agency should tell a non-profit about hiring a fundraiser. Here's a little recap.

  1. Fundraising is a long-term investment which cannot be handled by one person alone.
  2. Direct mail appeals require a mix of skills – writer, graphic designer, web developer, printer and mailhouse – which cannot be found in one person alone.
  3. Donor nurture requires a proper donor database (not an Excel spreadsheet).
  4. You need nice people to accept donations by phone. You need simple online forms to get donations through your website.
  5. Recruiting monthly ...
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How agencies sabotage fundraisers – Part 2

Yesterday, I had a little rant about agencies that fail to set the right expectations when they encourage non-profits to hire a fundraiser. You can read it here.

Now for today’s post. If you’re an agency who’s going to tell a charity to employ a fundraiser, this is what the CEO, board and upper management need to know.

10 things agencies should tell non-profits about hiring a fundraiser

1. Fundraising is a long-term investment with input required from staff throughout the organisation.

This includes the CEO who personally thanks a major donor ...

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