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Surgeons vs. fundraisers – let them do their jobs!

Surgeons vs. fundraisers – let them do their jobs!

Fundraising copywriting is one of those professions that everyone thinks they can do better than the person trained in fundraising copywriting.

I’ve been writing fundraising copy for long enough to now need training on how not to do eye rolls when I get ill-informed feedback on our work. (Note I said ill-informed feedback - I welcome feedback that corrects factual errors or makes the creative stronger.)

Seasoned fundraisers know the type of thing I mean. ...

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Have you ever made these 5 response-killing copy changes?

Last week I received a Christmas appeal I’d written in the mail. I opened the envelope then pulled out the letter and coupon. And my heart sank.

As a copywriter, I may spend hours putting blood, sweat and tears into an appeal pack. (And I’m not exaggerating about the tears – some beneficiaries have gone through horrific things.)

Then I receive the mailed pack with changes that I know will at best reduce response. At worst, it will make the appeal fail.

This doesn’t happen to me often because I encourage my clients to consult me if they wish to ...

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6 tips to fix your charity home page slider

How can you improve home page slider usability for your donors? (See my last post on how these sliders are hurting your fundraising.)

In fact, this is not just for your donors. But for all key users of your website.

That’s one of the justifications for using sliders. The need to cater for different audiences. So you end up cramming more content for different users into your home page slider.

Instead, this is my advice for dealing with home page sliders.

Tip 1. Turn your slider content into static links or boxes ...

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