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Ask yourself this. What type of communications is really driving your fundraising? Because if you’re serious about raising funds – as opposed to raising awareness or educating people – then you need to be incorporating tried and tested direct response techniques into your appeals.
So many interesting things in this for fundraisers... https://jasonlefkowitz.net/2014/01/against-line-chart-liberalism/ How often do we draw conflicting conclusions from donor data? Also, how often do we try to rely on data and facts (the head) rather than narratives and emotions (the heart and gut) to motivate donors to take action? As Jason says in the article I linked to above, "assuming that data can tell its own story ignores something fundamental that we know about how communications between humans works. People aren’t motivated by facts; they are motivated by narratives, by stories." Senior managers often hate the emotional narratives needed to inspire donations. Also the line, "You have to reach out to people as they are, not as you would wish them to be." That's exactly my point in my post about emotions. You need to start with emotions the donor already has... not the emotions you want the donor to have.

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Fave Fundraising Sites