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How agencies sabotage fundraisers – Part 1

One issue has been really annoying me lately.

It’s fundraising agencies who set up in-house fundraisers for failure. This is stupid, unfair and possibly unethical since agencies are supposed to help fundraisers succeed not fail. So how does this happen?

Such agencies come into non-profits and do fundraising audits or something similar. Fundraising audits are good. I’ve got no issue with that.

The agencies spend time talking to the CEO and board about the importance of fundraising. The potential to raise stable income from a pool of individual donors. The need to take care of the charity’s long-term financial needs.


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Fundraising Conference

If so, see you 4-6 September! Come and say hello!

I’m off to the Australasian Fundraising Forum 2013. Stay connected for pearls of wisdom from some organisations doing great work in fundraising.

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