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In my last post, I had a rant about jargon in charity communications.

This was after an evening of reading appalling non-profit comms copy. And I promised a list of every single weak or jargonish word or phrase I found. Here it is below.

Arranged alphabetically, these are taken from the charity newsletters and direct mail of 11 different organisations.

May I implore you to cast these out forever more from your copy. Your donors will enjoy reading your mail more. Truly.

  1. Access (education, training, clean water)
  2. Accessible
  3. Address
  4. Awareness raising
  5. Brighter future
  6. Capacity
  7. Capacity building
  8. Change attitudes
  9. Community development
  10. Community groups
  11. Connecting communities
  12. Consolidation
  13. Deliver (services, training)
  14. Development
  15. Dignity
  16. Disadvantaged
  17. Diversity
  18. Due diligence
  19. Economic opportunities
  20. Economic enhancement
  21. Empowering
  22. Enable
  23. Engage
  24. Facilitate
  25. Food security
  26. Holistic
  27. Implement
  28. Inclusion
  29. Initiatives
  30. Innovation
  31. Integrated
  32. Life-changing
  33. Life-transforming
  34. Lift out of poverty
  35. Local community integration
  36. Marginalised
  37. Mobilise
  38. Participate
  39. Partnership
  40. Practices
  41. Productivity
  42. Provide facilities
  43. Quality services or programs
  44. Resilience
  45. Resources
  46. Social inclusion
  47. Solutions
  48. Stakeholders
  49. Sustainable
  50. Transformation
  51. Vulnerable

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