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What fundraisers can learn from the 2016 Federal election

What fundraisers can learn from the 2016 Federal election

As of the time of writing, the outcome of certain seats in the Australian Federal election is still uncertain. Although it appears Turnbull will be able to form some kind of functioning government, whether he can achieve what he wants is also uncertain.

But to me, as a fundraiser, one thing IS certain.

And that is… FEAR is a much stronger motivator than GAIN. ...

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Why the donor journey concept sucks

In  discussions about donor nurture and retention, the concept of the donor journey inevitably comes up.

The “traditional” donor journey is often couched in terms of the donor pyramid. That concept of acquiring donors then thanking and welcoming them. Trying to get second gifts. Then getting higher gifts or converting them to monthly giving. Then eventually turning them into major donors or bequestors.

Of course, not every donor follows this exact path. But the general idea is that you try to move donors from their first, often modest, gifts up the donor pyramid to bequests.

But at last week’s FIA ...

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