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Published on February 3, 2014 by

Top 7 posts for 2013… and ask me anything fundraising or copywriting

It’s a little late off the bat (given it’s now February) but Happy New Year to all.

I’m back with a vengeance and have already been working on autumn appeals for several of you. Hence why I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front.

It’s going to be a busy year as I’m working with several new clients – all fantastic causes. Plus I’m looking forward to taking next steps with the old clients too – you all rock! I’m very inspired by all the work you do and am grateful I can be a part of it.

Now ...

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The difference between fundraising and begging

    “I’m not going to beg!”

Frustrated fundraisers (and in some cases CEOs) have told me this is the response they get when trying to involve board members in fundraising.

This is a great shame as it’s costing many charities thousands of dollars each year. Possibly even tens or hundreds of thousands. Money that could be used to help more people, more animals or whatever your cause is.

So I decided to write something to show the difference between fundraising and begging.

Characteristics of beggars

When you’re begging, you have no relationship with the prospect. You develop no right to ...

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Published on August 15, 2013 by

How agencies sabotage fundraisers – Part 3

Good for everyone… non-profit, fundraiser and agency

Yesterday, I talked about 10 things an agency should tell a non-profit about hiring a fundraiser. Here's a little recap.

  1. Fundraising is a long-term investment which cannot be handled by one person alone.
  2. Direct mail appeals require a mix of skills – writer, graphic designer, web developer, printer and mailhouse – which cannot be found in one person alone.
  3. Donor nurture requires a proper donor database (not an Excel spreadsheet).
  4. You need nice people to accept donations by phone. You need simple online forms to get donations through your website.
  5. Recruiting monthly ...
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How agencies sabotage fundraisers – Part 2

Yesterday, I had a little rant about agencies that fail to set the right expectations when they encourage non-profits to hire a fundraiser. You can read it here.

Now for today’s post. If you’re an agency who’s going to tell a charity to employ a fundraiser, this is what the CEO, board and upper management need to know.

10 things agencies should tell non-profits about hiring a fundraiser

1. Fundraising is a long-term investment with input required from staff throughout the organisation.

This includes the CEO who personally thanks a major donor ...

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How agencies sabotage fundraisers – Part 1

One issue has been really annoying me lately.

It’s fundraising agencies who set up in-house fundraisers for failure. This is stupid, unfair and possibly unethical since agencies are supposed to help fundraisers succeed not fail. So how does this happen?

Such agencies come into non-profits and do fundraising audits or something similar. Fundraising audits are good. I’ve got no issue with that.

The agencies spend time talking to the CEO and board about the importance of fundraising. The potential to raise stable income from a pool of individual donors. The need to take care of the charity’s long-term financial needs.


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